Caterpillar Class

The Caterpillar Class takes children from after their second birthday, though the exact point of entry will depend on how ready the child is to start at nursery. In order to ascertain this, we liaise with parents on an individual basis as we recognise that all children are different.

When the children join the nursery, they will be allocated a ‘key person’ from the staff team to support them during their time in the Caterpillar Class. This is of particular importance during the settling period.

Butterfly Class

The children move into the Butterfly Class in the term that they have their third birthday. Occasionally, it may be the term after their third birthday if, following discussions with the staff and parents, it is decided that it would benefit a child to spend a further term in the Caterpillar Class. Our aim in the Butterfly Class is to gradually extend the children’s concentration skills and to introduce them to slightly more challenging adult led table top activities. They will also be introduced to educational software on the computer, focusing on a range of curriculum activities.

Dragonfly Class

This is one of the pre-school classes. The children are aged between three and four years. It is typically comprised of the children who have their birthdays between the beginning of March until the end of August, therefore the younger children in the academic year. The children continue to develop their early years skills across the curriculum, whilst acquiring the skills that they will need when they transfer to primary school.

Ladybird Class

The children in the Ladybird Class are the pre-school children with birthdays from September until the end of February. The children follow the same curriculum as the Dragonfly Class in order to prepare them for transfer to primary school.