Our staff

The nursery has a very strong commitment to employing the ‘best and most able’ staff to work with the children in each of the classes. This is based on the belief that the single most valuable and influential factor, in terms of children’s education and performance, is the quality of the teachers and staff who interact with the children. This is why we employ staff who are rigorously checked for the appropriate requirements from Ofsted, and why we exceed the Government requirements for qualifications for nursery staff. All staff have regular appraisals and attend focused training sessions, in-house and externally.

We have several specialist peripatetic teachers who teach the children French, Drama/Movement with Yoga, Music, PE, Outdoor learning at our local park and Dance on specific days of the week and are supernumerary to the regular staff team.

At all times, we maintain and often exceed the child: staff ratios as follows:-

Under 3s – 1 member of staff: 4 children

3 & 4 yrs – 1 member of staff: 6 children